India's Got Talent 2023 IGT Apply Audition Registration Date Venue

Sony Entertainment announced that the 10th edition of India's Got Talent, the hit reality series has begun. Shakib Z. Ahmad founded this show, which is a part of Global British Got Talent. India Got Talent's first season premiered in 2009. Simon Cowell is the creator of this TV program.

India's Got Talent 2023 IGT Apply Audition Registration Date Venue

Shilpa shetty, Manoj muntashir, Baadshah and Kiran Kher will be judging the reality show this season. Those who are interested in taking part in the show must register online. This is a guide on how to register for India's Got Talent.

India’s Got Talent has gained massive popularity and has become a great platform for those people who want to show their unique talents. This show also promotes the diversity and equality by having contestants from different backgrounds, society, regions and religions.

If you are interested to apply or register for the upcoming season of India’s Got Talent, you shoud know the complete information and small details about the eligibility criteria. We're giving you all the information you need about India Got Talent 2023 Eligibility in this post.

India Got Talent Overview 2023

India's Got Talent, a reality television show that is popular in India, showcases talent from people of all ages and backgrounds. It is produced by Fremantle India, and broadcasted in India on Sony TV. The show has some unique features:

India's Got Talent is based on the internationally known show, "Got Talent". A panel of judges evaluates the performances and provides feedback to the contestants.


This show is open for people of all backgrounds, such as singers and dancers. It also includes acrobats. magicians. comedians. Contestants are chosen through auditions in different Indian cities.

Judges & Host:

Over the years, India's Got Talent judges have changed. Now the new judges are Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Kirron Kher, Manoj muntashir and Baadshah. Karan Johar was one of the most popular judges associated with India's Got Talent, Malaika arora and Karan wahi are also among the others. Also the host is changed. The new host is Arjun Bijlani.


India's Got Talent offers the winner a cash award and an opportunity to perform in front of a worldwide audience. Past winners include Prince Dance Group and Suresh and Vernon Group.

The Eligibility Criteria

You must first check the criteria for the event before registering. The criteria for the show are listed below.

● Participants should be Indian citizens.

● No age restriction applies. People of all ages can enter. Contestants must have valid proof of age.

● Contestants must bring their video with them to the audition.

● The contestants should be able to adapt their style of performance and presentation to the format.

● The contestants must not have a criminal record.

India Got Talent Registration 2023: Apply

India's Got Talent application processes can differ depending on which season the show was produced. Here are some steps you can take to be considered for India's Got Talent:

● Install the Sony Live app on Google Play.

● You can view the announcement for India Got Talent Audition 2023 by clicking on this link, APPLY

● Complete the application with all required details.

● If the application is incomplete, it will be rejected.

● The details of the order must be accurate and complete.

● Accept all conditions.

● You can now upload the audition recording.

● Participants will be selected for the following process.

How to record Audition Videos IGT 2023

Here are a few tips for creating an audition video that will be effective in India’s Got Talent 2023:

Showcase your unique talent:

Your talent is the most important part of your video audition. Showcase your skills that set you apart from the other candidates.

Short and interesting:

It is essential to make your audition video engaging and short. The judges will receive many videos. Highlight your strongest performance.

Sound and lighting quality is important:

Record your video in an area that is well lit and has good audio quality. The judges can be distracted by poor lighting or sound.

Confidence and Naturalness:

Judges are interested in contestants that are comfortable, confident and natural on camera. Try to relax, be yourself and practice your performance before the camera.

Please follow the following guidelines.

  • Be sure to carefully read all the rules and guidelines for sending in audition videos. Please follow the producers' instructions and send your audition video by the deadline.
  • You can improve your odds of getting selected to the next audition round for India's Got Talent by submitting an audition video that is effective. 
  • Make sure you create an excellent video to showcase your personality and talent.

Documents required

You will need some documentation with you when you attend the live audition. We have listed the necessary documents you need when attending an audition.

● You will need to provide proof of your address.

● Birth certificate / proof of DOB

● Identification Cards (Voter Cards, Aadhar Cards, passports, driving licenses, etc.)

● You may also have other extracurricular certificates.

What should I do in front of the Judges?

Here are some tips to help you do your best when performing in front of the judges on India's Got Talent.

Prepare yourself: Be confident about your talents and practice them thoroughly. Check that you have the equipment and props needed for your performance.
Dress accordingly: Dress comfortably and appropriately for the performance. Dressing nicely can boost your self-confidence.
Confidence is a good thing: It's vital to be confident and enthusiastic when performing for judges. Keep eye contact and interact with the judges during your performance.
Engage your audience: Create a relationship with your audience. It can create an atmosphere of positivity and enjoyment for all.
Positive feedback is important: The judges will give you feedback after your performance. Use their comments to help you improve in the future.

India Got Talent 2023 venues details

Soon, the details of India Got Talent 2023 will be available on the official website. On this page, all contestants will also find the full details of the dates and venues for the auditions. Soon we will update all the details about dates and venues.

Kolkata TBA
Amritsar TBA
Delhi TBA
Lucknow TBA
Mumbai TBA

Registration for India's Got Talent season 5 is a simple process. If you are still confused, the India's Got Talent official website will provide all of the information you need regarding registration and auditions.
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