James Patrick Huggins Penelope Ann Miller Bio Age Net Worth

James Patrick Huggins is famous for the film Carry Me Home (2004). He is a famous actor from America. He was raised in Hollywood's flash and glitz and is a star of the silver screen. He is the son of author Roy Huggins and actress Adele Mara. 

James Patrick Huggins Penelope Ann Miller Bio Age Net Worth

He has continued in their footsteps and entered the entertainment business. His wife is Penelope Ann Miller, she is a popular actress. In this article, we cover James Patrick Huggins's bio, age, career, wife, and more.

James Patrick Huggins Bio

James Patrick Huggins is a famous Actor famous for the 2004 film Carry Me Home. He is from Los Angeles. He was born on 1 March 1963. He is 60 years old. 

James Patrick Huggins Bio

His zodiac sign is Pisces. He is widely known for his awesome work in "Maverick," "The Fugitive," and "U.S. Marshals." Roy Huggins is the name of his father. Adele Mara is his mother. She also worked as an actress. She appeared in T.V. shows like "The Adventures of McGraw," "Conflict," "The Millionaire," and more. 

James seems to be born with acting in her blood. In addition to being a well-known novelist, James' father was also a well-known television producer and writer.

Full Name James Patrick Huggins
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, USA
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Wife Penelope Ann Miller
Net worth $1 million
He produced highly popular programs like The Fugitive, The Rockford Files, and Maverick. In addition, Roy Huggins is popular for his battle to protect the ownership and rights of the television series he co-created. He got royalties as well as appropriate charges for the use of his materials, which added to his overall net worth.

James Patrick Huggins Wife: Penelope Ann Miller

James Patrick Huggins is married to Penelope Ann Miller. She is also an experienced actor. Penelope worked over the years with many experienced directors and actors. Her performance on T.V. shows like "Criminal Minds," Gas Light," and "The Wonderful World of Disney" has made her a famous actress.

James Patrick Huggins Wife: Penelope Ann Miller

On the other hand, Penelope Ann Miller has kept acting and has more than eighty films. She is recently appeared in series name , DAHMER. She is a multi-millionaire actress who has performed on Broadway. In 1989, she was nominated for a Tony Award.

James and Penelope were married on 28 May 2000. In the 20 years since their marriage, they have been through turmoil. Penelope filed for divorce, according to Dailymail.co.uk, on 14 March 2012. After 11 years, Penelope filed for divorce. The complaint was withdrawn on 15 June 2012. There is no going back.

Penelope Ann Miller dahmer

On the 29, the couple will celebrate their 20th anniversary. The couple has traveled far despite the rough ride. Their patience, love, and support have helped them to achieve this. Since the 2004 television movie, James hasn't made any more appearances in movies or television shows. 

James Patrick Huggins's Daughters

James and Penelope's relationship reached a new level when they welcomed two angels. On 10 December 2000, she gave birth to her first daughter. She was named Eloisa. Penelope had a second daughter on 23 March 2009. The couple named their daughter Maria Adela.

James Patrick Huggins's Daughters

Social Media Presence

James Patrick Huggins does not use social media. James Patrick Huggins seems to be enjoying his life away from all the fuss of social media. James appears to spend his time away from social media with family and friends rather than creating virtual connections.

Penelope, his wife, is also active on the social media platform. Penelope Ann Miller is her Instagram name. She has 14,5K followers.

James Patrick Huggins's Net Worth

James Patrick Huggins estimated net worth is $1 million. The acting income is what makes up his net worth. James's father is a famous author and T.V. series creator who amassed a large sum of money as an author. He must have left him a substantial inheritance.

James Patrick Huggins has only appeared in a handful of films, but his net worth comes mainly from the acting he does. Penelope Ann Miller has a $4 million net worth.

James Patrick Huggins lifestyle

Earnings from Acting

James Patrick Huggins was destined to follow his famous fathers. The entertainment industry's glitz, glamour, and glamor surrounded him as a child. This sparked his interest at an early age.

James Huggins debuted as an actor in Carry Me Home, a television film, in 2004. The novel is centered on Harriet, a widowed woman, her children Brian and Carrie, and their story.


James enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, thanks to his wealth. Penelope Ann Miller and James Miller live with their daughters in Los Angeles. According to rumors, the family lives in a $1.25 million home purchased by Penelope Ann Miller in 1996.


Who is James Patrick Huggins?

James Patrick Huggins is famous for the film Carry Me Home (2004). He is a famous actor from America.

What is James Patrick Huggins's age?

He is 60 years old.

What is James Patrick Huggins's height?

He is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Who is James Patrick Huggins's wife?

His wife is Penelope Ann Miller, she is a popular actress.

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