Monica Huldt Swedish Bella Net Worth TikTok Age Bio Instagram

Monica Huldt is a Polish Social Media personality, TikTok creator, and Adult Star. Swedish Bella is the name of Monica Huldt. She is 40 years old. She is currently trending online. Monica became famous overnight for sharing her exclusive content during the Covid-19 epidemic.
Monica Huldt Swedish Bella Net Worth TikTok Age Bio Instagram

She is a very popular woman who has gained much popularity for her content. She is fully aware of the requirements necessary to become a successful international celebrity. Monica has become a familiar face in America, having moved there earlier. 

Monica Huldt's hard work, dedication, and determination have helped her to create her own identity. She has set an example for youths who want business opportunities. This article will give you information about Monica's life, including her birthday, career, marriage, and lifestyle.

Monica Huldt Bio

Monica Huldt is a famous social media celebrity, TikTok, and @dult star. She is from Poland. She was born in Warsaw to Polish parents. She was born on October 22, 1983. Her zodiac sign is Libra. She is 40 years old. 

She was born Monica Huldt, but her fans call her Swedish Bella. Her nationality is American. Her ethnicity is Polish. Her religion is Catholic. Her family suddenly moved from Poland to Sweden when she was 7 years old.

NAME Monica Huldt
Nickname Sweedish Bella, Monica
Popular for Her Adult Modeling
Language English, Swedish
School Name Begaskilan Eslov
University State University, Malmo Teacher Training College.
Profession Modeling
Nationality American
Ethnicity Polish
Age (as of 2023) 40 years old
Zodiac Sign Libra
University State University, Malmo Teacher Training College.
Date of Birth 22nd October 1983 (Friday)
Place of Birth Poland
Hometown Eslov, Sweden
Net worth $ 7 million USD
Religion Catholic
Husband John Huldt
Height (approx.) 5′ 5″
Weight (approx.) 55 kg
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
Distinctive Features Sharp Eyes
Body Measurements Breast-38, Waist-28, Bust-38
Tattoos Yes
Plastic Surgery Yes (Nose, Breast)
Her parents, who are devout Catholics and from a middle-class family, raised her according to her Christian faith. She has frequently experienced bullying at her school from other neighborhood youngsters. She grew up as a Catholic, and at the time, she wasn't allowed to date men. 

Monica Huldt bio

She grew up with depression and problems with food because her parents were harsh with her during her growing years. She overcame depression to improve her life, but with all of her challenges, she managed to finish her bachelor's degree. Monica doesn't talk much about her dad, but once she mentioned that her mom is a doctor.


Monica Huldt grew up in a strict family. She suffered from eating disorders and depression. She has overcome her depression and struggled to improve her situation. She has stated on her LinkedIn page that she attended Begaskilan Eslov School in Eslov to complete her schooling. Malmo Teacher Training College was where she received her training as a teacher. CAPM Certification was also obtained by Carrier Match UK, a distance-learning institute. She revealed earlier in the interview that she has a Bachelor's Degree in History.

Age, Height, and Weight

Monica Huldt is 40 years old. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall. She weighs 55 kg. Her body measurement is 38- 28-38. Monica has brown eyes and light brown hair. 

Monica Huldt  age height weight

She is of Polish descent. Monica Huldt has a stunning personality. She is talented and very ambitious. She is an attractive girl who has a calm and amazing personality. Monica is dazzling with her captivating smile. She has stylish clothing.


As a model who has achieved success, Monica has built strong bonds with her followers while keeping her personal life private. She once revealed that the reason she was so tough with her in childhood was because her mother is a doctor. She revealed to her mother that she aspired to become a model. Her mother was strongly against the idea and didn't want her daughter to show her body to the public.

However, Monica had a different view and chose to pursue a career as a @dult model. She hasn't revealed more about her father and siblings elsewhere in the media up to this point. She came to America earlier in 2014 to follow her goals and succeed.

Swedish Bella's Husband

Monica Huldt revealed she was happily married to John Huldt. John is a Sweden-based personal trainer at Equinox in Westwood. The couple have not kept their relationship a secret. It's not clear when or how they first met, let alone got married. You can find their photos all over the Internet. Also, it is not known if they are parents or not.

Monica Huldt, in the year 2022, was involved in a scandal over certain comments she made about her marriage. She revealed on the Truly Lifestyle YouTube series that she and John had a marriage in which he was allowed to be with another woman. She also revealed that, despite earning 3 times as much money as her husband. She likes being in his good favor and having him in charge of every area of her life.


Monica is now known as Swedish Bella. She is very happy that her career as an actress is the focus of all her attention. She previously stated that after earning her History degree, she was a history teacher. She was not happy with her salary and job as a history teacher. Monica changed her mind and decided to become a model. 

Monica created a number of social profiles during a period when social media was growing to be able to interact with her community. After thoroughly researching the benefits of social media, she listed herself on it to take advantage of all its features and earn more money.
Monica Huldt  career

She was a great teacher and had an excellent business sense. This helped her grow her following on multiple media. Monica was a business developer for several firms before she became a social media star. She was previously only visible on Instagram. She interacted directly with many of her Instagram fans and stayed in contact with them for a very long time. She began earning money from brand-endorsement work. 

She opened her account in 2017 on Onlyfans. When Monica first joined Onlyfans in 2017, she only had 500 to 700 followers. However, during the Covid-19 lockdown, her fan base grew to 2 million in just one night. After Monica left her job, many of her former students and coworkers from the school where she used to teach sent her messages on Onlyfans. When Monica started offering her followers premium content, she attracted audiences that were more willing to pay a high price for it.

Monica Huldt Instagram

Monica Huldt has 2.5 million followers on her Instagram page. She uploads her beautiful pictures and videos on her social media. 

Social Media Links

Instagram @BellaSwedish
Twitter @BellaSwedish
YouTube @BellaSwedish
Linkedin @alabamabarker
TikTok @swedishfox83

She gained massive fame. She also has an account on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Onlyfans. She is very famous on Onlyfans due to her exclusive videos, content, and photos.


On TikTok she has 227.3k followers. She has a huge fan base. She is popular for her beautiful videos.

Net Worth

Monica Huldt's estimated net worth is $7 million. Huldt is known for her exclusive content but has built a successful business on the Internet. She is a business developer and brand influencer and has worked with notable fashion brands such as Fashion Nova. She is currently employed at a company called The Future of Exclusivity as a director of strategy.


1. Monica has 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

2. She had nose Plastic Surgery.

3. She is working for the Global Fashion brand Nova.

4. She has given an interview to a magazine called Swagger.

5. She started her TikTok account on February 02, 2021.

6. She loves dogs and cats as a pet.

7. Monica loves to wear luxury lingerie dresses.

8. She provided a 3-month subscription for $76.50 and a 12-month subscription for $234 over her Onlyfans to see her adult content.

9. To date, she has posted 245 exclusive videos of her on Onlyfans.


Who is Monica Huldt?

Monica Huldt is a Polish Social Media personality, TikTok creator, and Adult Star.

What is Monica Huldt’s age?

She is 40 years old.

What is Monica Huldt’s height?

She is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

What is another name of Monica Huldt?

Swedish Bella is the name of Monica Huldt.

What is Monica Huldt’s weight?

She weighs 55 kg.

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