Thach Nguyen Net Worth Age Wife Real Estate Bio Instagram

Thach Nguyen is a famous Businessman, TikToker and Instagramer. He is from Vietnam. He is the director and founder of Thach Group Real Estate. The company is a real estate firm.

Thach Nguyen Net Worth Age Wife Real Estate Bio Instagram

He had to go through a challenging path to become a wealthy, successful man. More than 5,000 clients have profited from Thach and his team's financial support to buy or sell houses in the US.

In this article, we cover detail about Thach Nguyen's net worth after more than 31 years of employment in the real estate industry, as well as his company, age, family, and children.

Thach Nguyen Bio

Thach Nguyen is a Vietnamese real estate broker, philanthropist, and developer. He lives in America. He is a founder of the Thach Real Estate Group. He is the president and CEO of Thach Real Estate Group. His hometown is Vietnam. 

He was born on May 18, 1970. He belongs to a large family. In his family, he has siblings and his mother. They fled from the war in 1974. The journey was long, complicated, and dangerous. The Vietnamese immigrants were fortunate to have met people who took in refugees. However, their lives were still impoverished. Thach began working at age 12. 

Thach Nguyen  bio

He did a wide range of tasks for a low salary. The attempts to obtain a higher degree were unsuccessful. He attended a school for aircraft mechanics. The young man was not interested in this career. Nguyen became a real estate agent in 1991. He could fulfill small orders, but they were increasing in number. He showed natural talent in real estate transactions. Thach was confident that after his first successes. 

His career and life would be linked to real estate. He turned $100 in 1990 into $1 million by 1997. Nguyen founded Thach Real Estate Group when he had sufficient capital. She deals with real estate in the United States. To gain more attention, he created an account on Tik Tok to discuss the secrets of big business. He has almost 2 million followers. He does charity work. He spends a lot of money, unlike many investors and business coaches. 

The businessman received several prestigious awards for this. He builds homes for people experiencing homelessness. He has also established an educational program to help people experiencing poverty. Thach's dad was a successful Vietnamese businessman.

Real name Thach Nguyen
Date Of Birth May 18, 1970
Birthplace United States
Age 53 years old
Profession Real Estate Agent
Weight 87kg
Height 5' 6" Inches
Wife Camie
Net Worth $10 million
He and his family were tortured to flee the country when the Vietnamese War broke out. They were so poor when they arrived in America that they relied on government assistance. Thach worked more than two jobs to support his family after school and make ends meet.

Early Life and Education

Thach Nguyen was born in Vietnam on May 18, 1970. When Thach Nguyen was four years old, his parents immigrated to the US with him due to the war in Vietnam.

The seven-person family first moved into housing at Camp Murray, close to Fort Lewis. When Charles Zedler, a total stranger, came to their help, Thach Nguyen and his family were in the refugee camp. He brought them to his home and made them stay under pressure for a long time. After waiting with Charles Zedler, the Thach family eventually managed and rented a two-bedroom house in the Rainier Valley.

Every time it rained, a flood would enter the basement through the narrow windows, letting in the cold.
When Thach Nguyen was 12 years old, he took a long bus ride to Auburn, where he picked strawberries to sell for money so he could buy the goods he needed. One paper route wasn't enough for him, so he got two.

After graduating from Franklin High School, Thach Nguyen followed the way of one of his elder siblings and enrolled in an aviation mechanics program. She suddenly decided to become a real estate salesperson because she lacked passion.

Nguyen began working as a real estate agent for Windermere in 1991. He grew to the position of one of Washington State's top real estate producers because of his legendary determination and never-ending knocking on doors. Later, Nguyen sold over 130 homes a year while working for John L. Scott Real Estate. When he was 27, he became a billionaire, three years ahead of his plan for his enormous ambition.

Family, Wife, and Children

Thach Nguyen is surrounded by a loving and prominent family. His mother's name is Nhon Ke. His wife's name is Camie. He has two sons named Russell and Hudson. Thach's sons have been appearing in many videos lately. He wants his sons to succeed independently while continuing his work. He has many siblings.

Thach Nguyen  family

Thach Nguyen: Age, Height, and Weight

Thach Nguyen is 53 years old. He was born in Vietnam on May 18, 1970. He is 5 feet 6 inches tall. He weighs 87 kg.

Career & Achievements

Thach Nguyen is the CEO and founder of his Seattle-based firm, Thach Nguyen Real Estate Group. More than 5,000 Americans have bought or sold properties through his company.

He is the co-founder and principal of Springboard to Wealth. This program offers tools for anyone interested in the real estate industry and its tricks to success.

The Seattle Times and NW Asian Weekly have all published articles about him. The Early Show, Puget Sound Business Journal, The International Examiner, and The Seattle Times are also among the media outlets that have covered his story. 

Thach Nguyen is a successful self-made businessman who achieved his success through hard work. Nguyen has been ranked as one of the wealthiest people in Vietnam due to his successful career in real estate. His entrepreneurial skills inspire many young people who want to establish themselves in business.

Real estate does not just generate income but also offers a way for people in the middle class to invest their money in an asset that has almost always generated positive returns. He is also an expert in construction, which has led him to build his own properties and then sell them for a more significant price.

Thach Nguyen Instagram

Thach Nguyen has 977k followers on his Instagram page. He shares his photos and photos with his family. He is very popular on social media. He also has an account on TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. He educates people on social media platforms on how to become financially solid.

Thach Nguyen Net Worth

Thach Nguyen's estimated net worth is $10 million. His revenue comes from his various businesses & investments in properties. He founded Thach Group in 1991 and has completed over 12,500 real estate deals. His career began at Windermere Real Estate. He has an impressive portfolio of stocks, bonds, real estate, and investments. In 2022, Thach Nguyen's Net Worth increased by 8% compared to the previous year. His over 120 rental properties offer a net passive monthly income of around $100,000. In addition to being an accomplished investor, coach, speaker, and realtor, he is a passionate supporter of the American Dream.
  • Thach Nguyen's net worth in 2022 – $5 million
  • Thach Nguyen's net worth in 2021 – $3.7 million
  • Thach Nguyen's net worth in 2020 – $3 million

Thach Nguyen Car Collection & Price

  • Maclaren GT -  $250,000
  • Chevrolet Camaro  - $ 63,000
  • Nissan Versa S -  $ 17,600
  • Ford Raptor -  $120,000


  • John L Scott's Top 1%
  • Featured as "American Hero" by CBS Early Show
  • Community Service Award from Seattle King County Association of Realtors
  • Top Contributor to the Asian Community Award from North West Asian Weekly Foundation


Who is Thach Nguyen?

Thach Nguyen is a Vietnamese real estate broker, philanthropist, and developer. He lives in America.

What is Thach Nguyen’s age?

He is 53 years old.

What is Thach Nguyen’s net worth?

His net worth is $10 million.

What is Thach Nguyen’s height?

He is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

hat is Thach Nguyen’s weight?

He weighs 87kg.

Where does Thach Nguyen live?

He lives in Seattle, Washington, United States.

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