Who is Anju? Married Rajasthani woman travels to Pakistan: Seema’s and Anju’s Love Story

Recently, a case similar to that of Pakistani Seema Haidar and Noida resident Sachin Meena has made news. A 35-year-old married woman Anju, from Alwar, Rajasthan, travelled to Pakistan to see a Facebook lover. 

Who is Anju? Married Rajasthani woman travels to Pakistan: Seema’s and Anju’s Love Story

According to news agency ANI, Anju's husband, Arvind Kumar, said that before departing for Pakistan, Anju informed him she was going to visit a friend in Jaipur. 

Police said that a married Indian woman travelled to Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in the northwestern part of the country to meet a friend whom she meet on Facebook.

Who is Anju?

Anju is a 34 years old who was born and raised in Kailor village, Uttar Pradesh but lived in Alwar district, Rajasthan. She is now in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Upper Dir- District to meet her facebook friend Nasrulla is a 29-year old Pakistani.

ARY News reported that Nasrullah and Anju, both medical professionals, became friends on the social media platform a couple of months ago.

Anju has been visiting Pakistan for one month. She is not here to marry him. The Indian woman had been detained by police at first, but was released after the district police checked her travel documents. A squad of the Rajasthan Police visited Anju's house in Bhiwadi to inquire about her.

Arvind, her husband, reported to police that she had left home on Thursday and pretended to be traveling to Jaipur. The family later found out that she was actually in Pakistan.

He claimed that they got married in 2007 and lives together since then. Anju, according to Anju’s spouse, left her home on Thursday. According to Assistant Superintendent Bhiwadi Shakar, Anju had a passport that was valid. He said that the family did not complain about the situation.

The couple have two children, a boy, and a daughter, both under six years old. They work in private businesses in Bhiwadi. Arvind said in a media interview that his wife had informed his sister that she was at Lahore. He then spoke with her. He told the media that he would speak to her, and ask her to come home.

He said that her passport had been issued in 2020 because she was applying for a job overseas. Arvind claimed that he was unaware of her social media contacts.

An official from the UP Police said that Anju was born in Kailor, a village located in Jalaun District in Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh.

Anju's story is strikingly similar to that of Seema Haider. She was a Pakistani woman with four children who escaped into India and moved in with Sachin Meena. They met while she played PUBG.
Anju, on the other hand, has entered Pakistan legally via Wagah-Attari, unlike Seema, who entered India illegally via Nepal, with her four children, all under seven years old.

According to the Uttar Pradesh Police, Seema and Sachin live in Rabupura, Greater Noida. Seema (30), and Sachin (22), live in the Rabupura area of Greater Noida near Delhi where he runs a provision store. On July 7, a local court granted them both bail and they now live together with her four kids in Rabupura.

Who is Seema Hader?

Seema Haider’s full name is Seema Ghulam Hader. She was famous for crossing borders illegally to be with her lover. She is believed to have been born in 1996 in Sindh in Pakistan. Her religion is Islam. She is married and has four children, including a daughter and three boys.

The story of Seema Haider from Pakistan and Sachin Meena from India is not less romantic than that of Hindi films. They met each other in 2019 via the online game PUBG. The two gradually grew closer over time.

Seema Haider's love for Sachin grew so strong that she decided to leave her husband, cross the international border illegally with her children and move to India. The first time Seema met Sachin was in Nepal in March 2023. Seema converted from Islam to Hinduism at her own will, married Sachin Meena and moved in with him.

Who is Sachin Meena?

Sachin Meena, a resident of India, was born on May 19, 1991 in Meena Takuran colony, Greater Noida, Rabupura in UP. He is an Indian who became famous when he married Seema Haider, a Pakistani girl, through an online gaming site.

 Few people know that Seema Haider had already been married to Ghulam Haider, her ex-husband in Pakistan. His wife has four children with her former husband.
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