Linda Vater Bio Age QVC Surgery Husband Career Net Worth

Linda Vater is an American garden designer, social media influencer and stylist. She has become popular and well-known on social media due to her talent and skill in gardening techniques. Her YouTube channel is the thing that has allowed her to gain so many subscribers.
Linda Vater Age QVC Surgery YouTube Bio Career Net Worth

She regularly uploads videos with gardening advice. Many users of her YouTube channel have learned gardening advice from her about creating beautiful flowers on your lawn or in your house.

Linda Vater is the one who also provides information on the varieties of new plants that can be found at nurseries around the globe. 

Linda is experienced in the garden design sector. You can tell how talented she is and that everything she is talking about is fantastic because of her extraordinary gardening abilities and expertise. This article covers Linda Vater's biography, age, height, surgery, husband, career, social media presence, and more.

Linda Vater Biography

Linda Vater is a famous American Garden designer, YouTuber and social media celebrity. She was born on 6 December 1956. Her age is 67 years old as of 2023. Her birthplace is Oklahoma, United States. 

Her zodiac sign is Leo. Her nationality is American. Her excellent work is available on different media platforms like TV, YouTube, magazines, Instagram, and social media.
Real Name Linda Vater
Born 6 December 1956
Birthplace Oklahoma, United States
Profession(s) Garden designer, writer, blogger, and Stylist
Age (as of 2023) 67 years old
Zodiac sign Leo
Nationality American
Educatio High school
Qualification A degree in horticulture
Hobbies Reading, writing, gardening, and sharing valuable tips on social media
Marital Status Married
Spouse Jamie
Net Worth $1 million
Height 5feet 7 inches
Weight 65 kg

She gardened at a 1935 English Tudor mansion (Oklahoma City) for more than 30 years, along with her design business. Early on, Linda Vater showed a deep interest in gardening. She has a bachelor's degree in horticulture. 

Linda Vater Bio

She has been gardening for over thirty years. Linda Vater is a professional writer and media producer who specializes in gardens. She credited her mother with having such excellent talents. As the one who knew the most about the topic, her mother taught her. 

She has been a highly committed and lively woman ever since. Her love of gardening knows no bounds. Her hobbies are Reading, writing, gardening, and sharing valuable tips on social media.

Linda Vater Age, Height, and Weight

Linda Vater is 67 years old as of 2023. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches. Her weight is 65 kg. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Linda Vater Husband and Children

Linda Vater has been happily married for more than 30 years. Her husband's name is Jamie. They have two Sons. Her videos are used to share gardening-related information. In her videos, her family appeared sometime. 

Videos usually show her family members helping her with various duties in the garden. Her husband is a kind and supportive person. He frequently appears in her online gardening videos. He enjoys hearing about Linda Vater's love of gardening. Together, they have a strong passion for landscaping design.

Linda Vater Surgery

Linda Vater had Diverticular disease for about 20 years. It's heretic hereditary disease. You can watch her YouTube video where she talked about her health.


Linda has had a passion for gardening since she was tiny. She made the decision to continue it as a career. She makes gardening-related content for television, publications, YouTube, and the Internet.

Her garden has been published in several local and national journals. Linda enjoys a large following on YouTube due to her self-titled gardening-related channel Linda Vater. Her first video, "make your pumpkins last throughout the fall season," was the title of her video.

Her videos demonstrate how to plan, grow, and care for a garden in practical and stylish ways. She currently has more than 157K subscribers on her channel, and up to this point, she has uploaded more than 600 videos.
Linda Vater career

She consistently posts 4 to 5 videos per week. "Don't Plant These 5 Things?", the most-watched video on her channel, has received more than 728K views.

Linda is active on many social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. She also maintains a blog.

Linda's audience is very supportive. So sold them her goods and memberships to use them to maximize her money. She lists two memberships on her website. The first one is LV Supporter, which has a monthly cost of $2.99, and the second one is LV Insider, which has a monthly price of $4.99.

Linda Vater Instagram

Linda Vater has 116k followers on her Instagram Page. She uploads her gardening tips and videos.

Social Media Links

Linda Vater QVC and YouTube

She has her own website, name QVC, where she sell the beautiful garden decoraters and garden collection.

Linda Vater has a large fan base on YouTube and Instagram because of her quick gain of social media fame. Linda Vater has a large following on the most well-liked platform, Instagram.

Her videos exclusively cover gardening advice. Her videos also include images of her lovely, beautifully planned gardens. On YouTube, Linda Vater also has a large following of viewers who enjoy her gardening tutorials.

She consistently uploads new videos for her followers. She enjoys providing her followers with fresh and practical gardening-related articles. She frequently posts daily videos for this purpose. 

Her videos are filled with helpful guidance on topics including floral planning and garden design. If you also enjoy gardening, look at Linda Vater's profiles on different social media. She is a blogger where she posts helpful information.

Linda Vater's Net Worth

Linda Vater's estimated net worth in 2023 is $1 Million. In addition, Linda Valter makes about $250K a year. Her primary revenue comes from social media platforms, sponsorships, and YouTube ads. Linda also makes a lot of money from her website membership fees, item sales, and book sales. 

Her total wealth comes from the combination of all these sources. She works as a professional gardener and a video blogger. It's all because of her dedication and determination, which helped her to gain fame and attention on social media by sharing only helpful stuff.


Visit Linda Vater's social media profile if you're searching for some excellent gardening advice. She is a skilled garden designer with a wealth of information to share. Linda is quite active on social media, so follow her for the most recent information.


Who is Linda Vater?

Linda Vater is a famous YouTuber and social media celebrity.

What is Linda Vater's profession?

Her profession is Garden designer, writer, blogger, and Stylist.

What is Linda Vater 's age?

She is 67 years old.

What is Linda Vater's height?

Linda's height is 5 feet and 7 inches.

What is Linda Vater's weight?

She weighs 65 kg.

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