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Big Brother Australia Auditions and Application 2024

Big Brother Australia is one of the most daring reality shows in the world. The program has secured its spot amongst Australia's top 10 reality television programs for 2023. Twelve strangers share a house in Big Brother Australia while being closely watched. Along with their voices, their entire actions are recorded. 

Weekly challenges are provided to every competitor, and failure to complete them will result in elimination from Big Brother. The winner of Big Brother Australia is the contestant who satisfies all his following challenges until the grand finale. Twelve strangers share a house in Big Brother Australia while being closely watched.

Along with their voices, their entire actions are recorded. Weekly challenges are provided to every competitor, and failure to complete them will result in elimination from Big Brother. The winner of Big Brother Australia is the contestant who completes all his following tasks until the grand finale.

Big Brother Australia 2024

Big Brother Australia is an Australian reality program based on the global Big Brother model developed by John de Mol. The program features a group of participants who live together as "roommates" in a unique setting.

Similar to earlier style variations, this design features a quiet house separate from the outside world. Live television cameras and individual audio mics are always recording what the roommates are doing while they are there.

Evictions continue to occur regularly. The final flatmate standing wins the competition and gets a monetary prize. The group leader is Big Brother, who sets the rules, supervises the behavior of the other housemates, assigns duties and consequences, and gives the group members a way to make requests from outside the group.

Unlike earlier seasons of the program, the housemates speak with Big Brother as a single entity. Big Brother is recognized for representing the show's creators and has a dry sense of humor while speaking with housemates.

Big Brother Australia Auditions 2024: Dates

The air date for "Big Brother Australia" can vary each season, depending on production schedules and network programming.
  • The Online Application Form: January 2024
  • Deadline of Application: March 2024
  • Premier date: Mid of April-May 2024
  • Filming Date: Mid of April-May 2024
  • Days: 60-90 Days (tentative)
  • Prize Money: $250,000

Big Brother Show 2023

Contestants must constantly stay in the house to avoid being kicked out and have a chance of earning a cash reward at the season's conclusion. Housemates can also be dismissed from the home if Big Brother considers it crucial, and they are free to exit the program whenever they choose. 

To assist the roommates in getting healthier, psychologists and doctors are always available to all participants. The housemates are recorded daily, and edited highlights are broadcast every evening during prime time.

Host & Judges: Big Brother Australia Auditions 2024

Sonia Kruger is the Australian media personality and television host. Sonia is best known as the host of many Australian TV programs. She hosts many shows, like  "Dancing with the Stars," "The Voice Australia," and "Big Brother Australia."

Sonia Kruger served as a television journalist and newsreader in Australia and the US. Kruger has participated in many charitable and volunteer activities outside of her job in television, including serving as an ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The 15th season of Big Brother Australia judges

  • Presented by Jackie O., Kyle Sandilands, and Gretel Killeen Susan Kruger
  • Narrated by Sonia Kruger and Mike Goldman

Eligibility for Big Brother Australia in 2024

The eligibility criteria for Big Brother Australia in 2024:
  • Australian Citizenship
  • Minimum age requirement of 21
  • The participants must be in good physical and mental form

Below are the expected specifications based on the previous season:

  • Eighteen years of age must be present on the day of the audition.
  • Australian nationality
  • No communication with the outside world is possible.
  • The roommates must always wear personal microphones and are subject to 24-hour surveillance.
  • Any resident who violates the regulations risks having to leave the home.
  • A flatmate cannot use violence, intimidation, or threats against another housemate.
  • The rules are subject to modification at any time, and Big Brother frequently does so.

Apply to Big Brother Australia 2024 auditions

To apply for BBA, go to and submit a video with the online application. Whether or not a participant's submissions are chosen, the producers will keep any recordings and photos they provide. These items become their property and won't be returned. The producers will let the participants know whether they were chosen for an interview. The latter retains the right to change the conditions of the application and the production schedule whenever it sees fit.

Big Brother Australia 2024: Premiere

BBA has been back for the last two seasons since its comeback in 2020. It will do so again in 2024.

Big Brother 2024: Updates

On ITV2, Big Brother will return in 2024 with a brand new season. Big Brother may soon return to UK TV, according to ITV. After debuting on Channel 4 in 2000, this show last aired on Channel 5 in 2018. The popular reality program may soon return, this time on ITV2. The Sun newspaper broke the news that negotiations were taking place in April. To air a new season in the autumn of 2024, the program would allegedly be a "civilian" version featuring regular people rather than superstars.

Big Brother Australia: Channel 7 in 2024.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Channel Seven has renewed Big Brother Australia for a second season. Endemol Shine Australia formally announced that auditions for potential Big Brother contestants seeking single housemates have begun. By 31 July 2022, prospective candidates must be 18 years old and Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Big Brother Cast: 2023

New Big Brother Season 23 episodes debut on CBS and Paramount every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8/7c. Big Brother has revealed the 16 housemates joining the BB Beach Club for Season 23 of the show. A mistaken wager might cost the new team everything as they prepare for a high-stakes summer of significant risks and rewards.
Name Age
Azah Awesome 30
Birkenberger, Christian 23
Hannah Chaddha 21
Brent Champagne 28
Britain D'Angelo 24
D. Frazier 29
"Frenchie" French, Brandon 34
Travis Long 22
Alyssa Lopez 24
Tiffany Mitchell 40
Xavier Prather 27
Claire Rehfuss 25
Sarah Steagall 27
Whitney Williams 30
Derek Xiao 24
Young Kyland 29
The house guests receive a double-or-nothing offer at the end of the first episode, which could be too tempting to refuse for the first time in Big Brother history. There will undoubtedly be many surprises, laughter, tears, betrayals, and lies this season.

Winner of Big Brother Australia

Reggie Sorensen took first place in 2022. She is a famous television personality in Australia. She competed on Big Brother Australia; in 2003 and 2022, she won the third and fourteenth seasons, respectively. She is the only competitor to have twice won the series.

The winner of Big Brother Australia 2024 will be announced soon.

How can I watch Big Brother Australia?

  • Network Ten aired - from 23 April 2001 to 21 July 2008
  • Nine Networks aired from -13 August 2012 to 26 November 2014
  • Broadcast on Seven Networks - 8 June 2020 until the present.
Let me guide you on how to watch "Big Brother Australia" online:

  • Look up "Big Brother Australia" airtime on Channel 7 or 7Plus. The program airs on Australia's Channel 7 network; episodes are streamed on 7Plus.
  • Go to the 7Plus website ( or download the 7Plus app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Create a 7Plus account if you still need to create one. You may register using your FB account or email address.
  • After creating an account, use the search box to look up "Big Brother Australia" or go to the show's website on 7Plus.
  • Choose the desired episode from the list of available episodes. You may watch "Big Brother Australia" anytime you have time on 7Plus, thanks to its on-demand availability.


When do auditions for “Big Brother Australia 2024” open?

The Online application will be started in month of Dec 2023 or early in January 2024.

Who can audition for “Big Brother Australia 2024”?

Anyone who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident and is 18 years of age or older at the time of applying can audition for “Big Brother Australia”. The casting team typically looks for a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and with unique personalities.

How can I apply for the “Big Brother Australia Auditions 2024?

By going to the official website and completing the online application form, you can submit an application for the "Big Brother Australia" auditions. Basic personal information and a video submission introducing you and outlining why you would be a good match for the show are typically required for the application.

What should I include in my audition video for “Big Brother Australia Auditions 2024”?

Your audition video should be an opportunity to showcase your personality, skills, and why you would be a good fit for the show. You should include information about yourself, your interests. Also why you would make a great housemate.

What happens after I apply for the “Big Brother Australia Auditions 2024”?

If your application is accept, you will be invited to attend a casting call where you will have an interview with the casting team. The casting team will select a group of potential housemates for the show.

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