Big Brother America 2024 Audition Application Judges Casting Host Dates Apply

Today in this article, We are going to tell you How to apply for the Audition of Big Brother America in 2024. We all know about this famous show and want to participate. 

Big Brother America 2024 Audition Application Judges Casting Host Dates Apply

In this article I will explain the process of Big Brother USA Audition, Eligibility, Application Instruction, and many more other things. 

Applications for Big brother 2024 are now open. This season we are going to see some new faces, new talents.

About the show

First let me explain about this famous American reality show Big Brother America. This show is one of the most famous shows in the United States. Big Brother is a reality tv show based on a Dutch show with the same title created by John de Mol. 

The American version of Big Brother launched on CBS on July 5, 2000. With the Spanish version ending in 2022, it is the longest-running adaptation to date. This new season of Big Brother 26 is coming soon. The show is accepting applications for its new season. 

The show follows the same basic premise as other versions, where a group of contestants known as "HouseGuests" live together in an isolated house, for a prize of $500,000. (Or $750,000 from the 23rd Season onwards).
Live television cameras and personal audio microphones are used to monitor the HouseGuests throughout their stay. During the competition, the HouseGuests are voted out of the house. 

The first season of the show (which was based on the Dutch original format, where audience voting determined the evictees, and ultimately the winner), saw ratings decline and a negative critical response. This led to a redesign for the second, which focused more on gameplay and competition.

Big Brother America 2024 Audition And Application

New season of Big Brother America is coming soon. Here is the good news, Big Brother America 2024 Application is started. If you think you can compete in this show. 

Ready for audition. Application and audition process of Big Brother America is very simple. Interested participants visit the official website of big brother america - bigbrothercasting and fill out the form. Currently the application process is completely online.

Application Process for audition of big brother america 2024

  • All applicants must complete an online application in order to be considered. Upload a video of yourself and a picture.
  • Producers will inform you if you have been selected to participate in an interview shortly before it is scheduled. Producers will inform you if you have been selected to take part in the final selection procedure.
  • Producers will retain all materials (including videos and photos), and they will become their property. You will not receive any of your materials back, regardless of whether you are chosen as a participant.
  • You are responsible for any expenses incurred during the application, including shipping, postage and preparation of materials (videotapes, photos, etc.).
  • Each person can only enter once. The Producers' decisions are final, absolute and unquestionable.
  • The producers reserve the right at any time to modify the terms and conditions of the application, as well as the production schedule. 
  • Producers may, at their sole discretion and without prior notice, change eligibility requirements or any other application rules on an individual basis or for the entire applicant pool. 
  • Producers reserve the right not to hold any participant interview, to change the way it conducts participant interviews or not to produce Big Brother.

Please Visit the official website for more details. We are just giving information regarding the show and their audition process.

Eligibility for Big Brother America 2024

  • By June 1, 2023, you must be 21 years old.
  • You must be an American citizen and reside in the United States.
  • You must have excellent mental and physical health.

Winners of previous season of Big Brother America

Certainly! Here is the information extracted from the provided list:

1. Season 1 (2000):

- Winner: Eddie McGee

2. Season 2 (2001):

- Winner: Will Kirby

3. Season 3 (2002):

- Winner: Lisa Donahue

4. Season 4 (2003):

- Winner: Jun Song

5. Season 5 (2004):

- Winner: Drew Daniel

6. Season 6 (2005):

- Winner: Maggie Ausburn

7. Season 7 (2006):

- Winner: Mike "Boogie" Malin

8. Season 8 (2007):

- Winner: Dick Donato

9. Season 9 (2008):

- Winner: Adam Jasinski

10. Season 10 (2008):

- Winner: Dan Gheesling

11. Season 11 (2009):

- Winner: Jordan Lloyd

12. Season 12 (2010):

- Winner: Hayden Moss

13. Season 13 (2011):

- Winner: Rachel Reilly

14. Season 14 (2012):

- Winner: Ian Terry

15. Season 15 (2013):

- Winner: Andy Herren

16. Season 16 (2014):

- Winner: Derrick Levasseur

17. Season 17 (2015):

- Winner: Steve Moses

18. Season 18 (2016):

- Winner: Nicole Franzel

19. Season 19 (2017):

- Winner: Josh Martinez

20. Season 20 (2018):

- Winner: Kaycee Clark

21. Season 21 (2019):

- Winner: Jackson Michie

22. Season 22 (2020):

- Winner: Cody Calafiore

23. Season 23 (2021):

- Winner: Xavier Prather

24. Season 24 (2022):

- Winner: Taylor Hale

25. Season 25 (2023)

- Winner: Jagateshwar "Jag" Bains

Where to Watch Big Brother America season 26

Big Brother in the United States has been primarily broadcast on CBS and Paramount Plus. CBS is a major television network, and the show typically airs during the summer months. You can watch it on your local CBS channel. You can also watch this show on the CBS website or app.

Update on Big Brother America 2024

The Big Brother Casting application has started. Interested people can visit their site and learn more about Big brother 2024 Audition and application. Currently, there is not a deadline for applications.


Q1. What is the eligibility criteria for Big Brother America 2024? 

Answer: Applicants must be 21 years old by June 1, 2023, American citizens residing in the United States, and in excellent mental and physical health. 

Q2. Where can I watch Big Brother America season 26? 

Answer: You can watch Big Brother America season 26 on CBS, a major television network, or on Paramount Plus. 

Q3. What is the update on Big Brother America 2024 casting? 

Answer: The Big Brother America 2024 application process has started. 

Q4. Is Big Brother available on Netflix ? 

Answer: Yes, you can watch the big brother tv show on Netflix. 

Q5. Is Big brother 2024 available on Amazon prime? 

Answer: yes, it is available on amazon prime.
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